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TouchBlend Portable Blender


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Make your favorite smoothie in just 60 seconds!

The days of random smoothie cravings that can't be satisfied are over. With TouchBlend, you can make your favorite smoothie, cocktail, or even salad dressing, no matter where you are. That's right! Wherever you are, imagine that!

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Portable and fully rechargeable, enough power to last all day!

TouchBlend™ USB Rechargeable & Portable Blender allows you to bring your smoothies, shakes and juices with you everywhere. 

TouchBlend will give you around 10 Blends per charge. And when it does run out of charge, no worries! Simply plug it into a USB power source and you'll be ready to go in as little as 5 minutes!

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Cleaning made so easy, it practically cleans itself! 

We know how annoying and time-consuming cleaning blenders is. That's why we came up with the perfect self cleansing design. simply blend soap and water together and your blender is clean as a whistle!


Your TouchBlend is up to any tasks with its 6 strong blades!

Every Blender is BPA free! And has 6 super strong blades that can cut through all fruits so that your drink is blended evenly every time! All you need to do is cut up your favorite fruits and add milk or juice. You'll be enjoying a healthy, freshly made smoothie in as little as 60 seconds! 

Made for travel. Your perfect travel companion!

Our blenders include a carrying strap for you to carry around easily! Hook it up to your backpack and you are good to go! Our blender is also the perfect travel size at 380 ml or 13 ounces, so it fits perfectly in your handbag or briefcase!

Oh did we mention that it comes with a strainer too? That's right, you won't have to worry about having big chunks of fruits in your drink! You can also use the strainer to make your very own salad dressing!


Over 3000 happy customers! Be a part of the TouchBlend family!

Don't take our word for it, read some of the reviews below from our 3000 happy customers! Your TouchBlend also comes with 30 days guarantee so you can buy with peace of mind!

Order now and you'll be making all of your favorite drinks very soon!


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