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Blending Tips

So you just received your TouchBlend! How exciting!

Let us show you how to use your very own TouchBlend


We do recommend charging your blenders for at least a few hours before first use as they can lose charge during transit.🔌


Make sure to start your blending fun with a source of liquid (such as juice or milk). That way your smoothie will blend smoothly!🤤


As a safety feature, we require the start button to be double-tapped to start the blender. 🦺


Also for large pieces of fruits we do recommend cutting them into little pieces and tilting blender when blending to ensure the motor doesn't get stuck or overloaded.🍓


If you want a stronger blend, tilt your TouchBlend upside down! And now wait for the blades to get up to full speed before blending. 💪


Remember not to overload your TouchBlend with ingredients. Always have a little room at the top. 


If your TouchBlend is stuck, all you need to do is tilt your TouchBlend upside down, and then turn it back up so that your TouchBlend is no longer stuck and all your healthy goodness can be blended at full speed.👏


Sometimes the red light may flash when the blender is too full or the content is too big for the blender, but this can easily resolved by pouring out some of the content and tilting the blender with the lid tightly closed. 🤗



If you wait a few seconds after the red light flashes, you should be able to restart the blender by double pressing the start button again. 🤩



Now that's all done, enjoy your new TouchBlend!